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Marketing Made Simple Course

a full marketing funnel but like, simple.

Here's what we're going to cover inside:

In this program, we're going to cover the basics of what you need to know to attract your dream clients and customers. None of the fluff--we'll get your profile optimized and you'll learn my exact system/workflow to create Pins that convert in just 30-60 minutes every single week.

Pinterest Foundations

Once you have the Pinterest foundations down, it's time to tackle your online virtual space and and make sure that it has everything you need from copy to layout to make sure that your website is a roadmap for your ideal client or customer. 

Get Your Website Conversion Ready

Forget everything you think you know about blogging for your business. Learn how to create blog posts that your dream clients are searching for, and steal my perfect blog post framework to make writing your posts easy and most importantly--quick.

Blogging For Your Business

We'll wrap it all up with creating a killer freebie that is sure to generate those email opt-ins, and we'll create an email sequence that not only nurtures your new opt-ins but converts them into sales. 

- 61 Page Freebie Template To Make Creating Your Freebie a BREEZE
- TPC Welcome Sequence that we've seen convert time and time again. ($397 Value)

A Killer Freebie + Email Sequence

Hey, I'm Sid and I was in your shoes not 2 short years ago.

Once upon a time I was just like you--tired of the social media hamster wheel and praying for sales. 

Finally I thought it happened!! I had a Pin go viral on Pinterest. This was going to change everything for me; except it didn't.

My website wasn't a clear roadmap for all of the traffic I was getting. 

My blog posts were a hot mess. 

And I didn't have a lead magnet to attract leads that I could have gotten, or an email sequence set up to convert those leads to people who were raving fans and wanting to work with me/buy my digital products. 

That's why I created this program, so that you don't make the same mistakes that I did.