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The Perfect Organic Marketing Strategy For Busy Entrepreneurs

May 9, 2023

Marketing for busy entrepreneurs in a sustainable way seems so out of reach sometimes.  

We get stuck wondering things like, “How do I reach my target audience?” or “What marketing tactics should I focus on?” When you’re unsure what to do, it’s hard to move forward. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or take multiple hours.

In this post, we’ll chat about the perfect marketing strategy for busy entrepreneurs and I’ll share three steps to help you create one that’s sustainable and works for you. By following these steps, you’ll be able to streamline your marketing efforts and achieve better results in less time. I hope that this will give you a roadmap so you can get started with your marketing strategy and ultimately reach more customers and grow your business.

What is the perfect marketing strategy for busy entrepreneurs anyway??

The perfect marketing strategy for a busy entrepreneur is the one that works for you. It’s a strategy that allows you market your business in a sustainable way while helping you reach your business goals.

In other words:

This means that you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience and which marketing channels work best for them. You should also be prioritizing tactics that have a high return on investment (ROI) and avoiding those that are a waste of time and money.

The added benefit is that you’ll be able to focus your efforts on what really matters, and you’ll have more time to dedicate to other important areas of your business. You won’t be wasting time on tactics that don’t work, and you’ll see better results in less time. So not only will your marketing be more effective, but you’ll also have time to do things like stretch, take a break, or just enjoy a well-deserved coffee break!

Step One in Marketing For Busy Entrepreneurs: Create A Long Form Piece of Content

When you’re looking to create a marketing strategy and plan that works as a busy entrepreneur, the first step is to create a long form piece of content. This can be a blog post (I promise you, blogging is NOT DEAD), a podcast episode, or a youtube video. 

This is important because this is going to be where you pull all of your content for the week, from this blog post. 

Many people who are new to marketing start out on the right track but then get stuck because they feel like they have no content ideas, whether that be blog post ideas or social media post ideas. 

And then they wind up wasting time scrolling through social media for inspiration, when in reality it doesn’t have to be that way. 

The key to spending less time on your marketing is to create a long form piece of content. 

To get started here, start thinking of blog post ideas. I suggest starting with core blog posts–aka the who, what, where, when, and how people can benefit from or use your services or products. 

Or if you need more help with blog post/long form content ideas, every single month there are 12 blog post outlines for you to use in The Lounge- four for service based businesses, four for product based businesses, and four for general lifestyle/what’s trending

Step Two in Marketing For Busy Entrepreneurs: Create Content For Your 1-2 Main Social Media Platforms.

The next step is to choose 1-2 platforms that you’re going to focus on. I know there’s plenty of platforms out there, but choose 1-2 to focus on. Then, take 3-5 of your main points from your long form content and turn them into posts for your chosen social media platforms. 

If you’re anything like I am, you spend hours scrolling social media for inspiration, when in reality if you have this long form piece of content already written, you have plenty of content to pull and don’t have to rely on trends or scrolling for days for ideas.

I can usually pull 3-4 carousel posts, and 2-3 Reels scripts since Instagram is my platform of choice.

Step Three in Marketing For Busy Entrepreneurs: Create 7-10 Pins For Pinterest

The last step is to create 7-10 pins for Pinterest. Now I know what you’re thinking, ANOTHER PLATFORM? I get it. 

But think about it this way: spending a few extra minutes creating Pins for a platform that is designed to push people to your online spaces, so why wouldn’t you utilize this platform? 

The key to a successful Pinterest marketing strategy is to repurpose your content–so if you already have the long form content and IG content that could be used as Idea pins, then you’re well on your way to success with Pinterest. 

Putting it All Together for Your Perfect, Sustainable Marketing Strategy

There you have it! The three steps to your marketing strategy that’s not only sustainable, but that’s going to help you grow your business.  

It may sound like a lot, but like most things practice makes perfect. You’ll find your groove, I’ve actually used this exact process and perfected it so that I spend an hour (or less) on this process every single week. 

Want To Create A Sustainable Marketing Strategy In An Hour Or Less?

If marketing as a busy entrepreneur seems overwhelming and you want to see my exact process I use every single week to create a blog post, pull content for IG, and then create 7-10 Pinterest pins every week, The One Hour Marketing Plan Masterclass in The Lounge will help you do just that!

Click here to join The Lounge.


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