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What Should I Pin On Pinterest?

October 14, 2022

What do I Pin on Pinterest?

I’m pretty sure every single person who gets started on Pinterest has asked that question one time or another.

Taking the leap into Pinterest Marketing can be a super overwhelming task, especially if you’re just getting started with your business or you’re not pushing out the amount of fresh and new content that you would like to. 

One of the most asked questions about Pinterest is “do I actually need a blog to succeed on Pinterest?” 

Do I Really Need A Blog To Be Successful On Pinterest?

The short answer?  No. 

Is having a blog helpful? Yes, definitely! Why? Because you can pull so much content from a blog post to Pin (and also repurpose on other platforms), especially if you’re blogging weekly or biweekly.  

Okay Sidnee, cool. But I don’t want to blog or don’t blog consistently, so what in the world should I be Pinning? 

I’m so glad you asked. Here’s 15 places you can pull content from to Pin on Pinterest, and I bet you have at least a few of them! 

1. Pin Podcast episodes/show notes

If you have a podcast, chances are you have show notes that you can pull from! Or if you don’t have show notes written out, go back to when you had your original episode idea/notes and pull from your main points to create your Pin graphic, title, and description. If you don’t have show notes to link back too, then link to your podcast host page! 

2. Pin Your Freebies

Make a couple of Pins that promote your freebies! Link back to the blog post you wrote about them or your opt-in page so that people can grab it! . 

3. Pin Your Pin Your Quizzes

Quizzes are a cool website feature these days, why not pull a question or two out of it and make a Pin from it? Or promote your quiz and link straight to it on Pinterest to get those emails!

4. Pin Your Instagram Captions

Remember that time you wrote that bomb Insta caption? Turn it into a Pin! Link back to your website or even back to your instagram page if you are looking to grow your Instagram account.

5. Pin Your Online Courses

Obviously you don’t want to give away too much free information from your course if you want people to actually buy it, but sharing some of that knowledge with people who are looking for it will help you attract those dream students! You can also create some scroll stopping pins to promote your course. Don’t forget to link back to your sales page!

6. Pin Your Email Newsletters

Email marketing is fantastic, but it’s time consuming. Pull something from your last email newsletter and repurpose it into a Pin! Your CTA can direct people to opt-in to your email list if they want more of that type of content! 

15 Places To Pull Content From For Pinterest (That Aren't Blog Posts)

7. Pin Your Memberships

Run a membership? Similar to courses you don’t want to give too much away, but give out something valuable and watch those members start joining like crazy! Link to your membership sales page. 

8. Pin Your E-Books

If you’ve created an e-book (or even a physical book!) pull a chapter or section title and create a pin from it! Obviously you can also create pins to sell/opt in your e-book too! Link to blog posts about your e-book or your sales page.

9. Pin Your Services

Are you a service provider? Create pins advertising your services! After all, Pinterest is a marketing platform. Market away! Just try to stay away from your stereotypical sleezy sales Pins. Be personable and relatable, and remember your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) when you create these service pins.  You can link to a service page that lets people know more about who you are and why they should work with you, or you can link to a blog post about you or your services (one like this).

10. Pin Your Digital Products

It seems like everyone is going digital these days, especially with how connected we are to technology. If you sell digital products, Pinterest is a great way to promote them! You can link to an Etsy shop that sells digital products, your website, Creative Market, etc. 

11. Pin Your Physical Products

If you have physical products, Pinterest can make them shine! People come to Pinterest to find inspiration and if your product inspires someone there is a very good chance someone will purchase it! 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, so there’s room for everyone at the Pinterest table. Link back to your product sales page, your Instagram shop, etc. 

12. Pin Your Youtube Videos

Just like people love reading blogs ( I know that there’s some debate out there, but hey–you’re reading this one and you’ve made it this far so obviously blogging isn’t completely dead) people love watching YouTube vidoes! Treat your video like a blog post and create Pins based on the title of your video, what your video consists of, subpoints, quotes, etc. Then link back to your YouTube video.

13. Pin Your Reels

If you’re creating IG reels, congrats! You have content to Pin on Pinterest! Repurposing Reels for Pinterest is great for Idea Pins. Just create a “scroll stopping” cover and download without a watermark. While you can’t add a link to your Idea Pin yet (well maybe you can, some lucky people do have early beta access), you can fill the notes section with keywords and still add a CTA. 

14. Pin Your TikToks

Repurposing your TikToks is just like repurposing Reels, OR you can use your short form videos as video pins and link back to your website/social profiles (you can do this with Reels, too).

15. Pin Your Website Pages

Your About, Services, Shop, Contact, Course, Portfolio, or any other page you have on your website can definitely be linked on Pinterest! Create a relevant Pin & link back to a website page that needs a little love! 

I hope this gives you a little inspiration for the next time you ask what to Pin on Pinterest!

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