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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Pinterest in Marketing

March 6, 2023

Are you using Pinterest in your marketing strategy? Without proper optimization and understanding the platform, there are a lot of ways that people get tripped up when they use Pinterest for business growth. Let’s chat about three common mistakes I see made with Pinterest in marketing and how to avoid them.

3 Mistakes To Avoid when Using Pinterest In Marketing

Mistake #1: Not Optimizing Your Profile and Pins

Optimizing your profile and your pins are key to getting noticed on Pinterest. Putting together a fully optimized profile page, designing attractive pins, and effectively utilizing keywords can be time consuming; however, the effort you put in will eventually pay off. 

Creating an Optimized & Engaging Profile:

Your profile page is like a storefront window; it’s what people see when they first come across your brand. So make sure it looks inviting. Use high-quality images that represent your business or products and add relevant information about yourself or company in the bio section with keywords. Provide visitors with easy access to additional information by adding links to your website and a link to your lead magnet.

Crafting Eye-Catching Pins:

The key to crafting successful pins is creating visuals that stand out from the crowd while also staying true to your brand identity. Think outside of the box – experiment with different colors, fonts, layouts and types of Pins. Also don’t sleep on idea pins in your pinning strategy for extra engagement potential. Make sure all of your images are clear and concise; no one wants blurry photos cluttering up their feeds.

Utilize keywords throughout both titles and descriptions of each pin so users can easily find them when searching through Pinterest’s visual search engine – this way they won’t miss out on seeing any of your content. Need help with keywords? Grab my free keyword guide here!

Not optimizing your profile and pins can lead to missed opportunities for growth, so it’s important to create an engaging page and craft eye-catching pins. To maximize the effectiveness of Pinterest in marketing, understanding analytics is key; this section will cover how to use the insights dashboard, analyze pin performance data, and adjust strategies based on results.

Key Takeaway:To ensure maximum engagement on Pinterest, create an eye-catching profile page and pins using high quality visuals, relevant information about your brand in the bio section and keywords throughout titles & descriptions.

Mistake #2: Not Using Analytics to Track Performance

Understanding the Insights Dashboard is key to tracking performance data and making informed decisions about your Pinterest marketing strategy. The dashboard provides valuable information on how users interact with your pins, such as impressions, saves, clicks, and link clicks. With this data you can determine which of your pins are most popular with viewers and adjust strategies accordingly. For example, if a certain pin has more saves than others but fewer link clicks or visits to your website, it may be time to update the pin’s content or design for better engagement.

Analyzing Pin Performance Data is another important step in understanding what works best for your business on Pinterest. This includes looking at user demographics like age range and location as well as engagement metrics such as likes and repins. By comparing different types of pins side-by-side you can identify patterns in user behavior that will help inform future campaigns and ensure maximum success on the platform. Additionally, utilizing keywords effectively can also improve visibility by helping people find relevant content quickly when they search within Pinterest’s visual search engine.

Analyzing performance data is essential to a successful Pinterest marketing strategy, and understanding the users on Pinterest can help you maximize your reach. With this knowledge in hand, let’s chat more about Pinners and who they are.

Key Takeaway: By analyzing pin performance data and understanding the insights dashboard, marketers can identify user trends that inform their Pinterest marketing strategy. This helps them adjust content and design for better engagement as well as leverage keywords to increase visibility on the platform.

Mistake #3: Not Understanding The Pinterest Audience

Newsflash: Pinterest users are very different from Instagram (and other platform) users, and I think it’s extremely important to understand that if you want to find success in your Pinterest marketing efforts. 

First off, Pinners are planners. They use the platform to plan big and exciting things in their lives, or find the next idea for the next big project. When you’re Pinning on Pinterest, be sure to think ahead and Pin things that users can use as inspiration for their future, not for their past. 

Pinterest users are also very big on ideas and inspiration vs. interaction on the platform. While there are instances where pinners will ask details about a Pin, you aren’t typically going to see users commenting too much just to say hi or interact like you normally see on other social media platforms. 

And lastly, Pinners want an invitation. When you are creating Pins on the platform, I want you to think about it like this-you are personally (and strategically because keywords) inviting someone to click to your online space. You want to make sure that the pins you are creating are pleasing to the eye and have a call to action, because those are the pins that are going to get rsvp’s to the party stop the scroll.

Key Takeaway: Pinterest users are a different type of audience, and knowing this difference will help you create content that is “pin worthy and maximize your Pinterest efforts.

How does Pinterest actually work for marketing?

FAQs in Relation to Pinterest in Marketing

How does Pinterest help in marketing?

Pinterest is an effective marketing tool for busy entrepreneurs. Without the need for algorithmic dependence or expenditure on advertisements, entrepreneurs can quickly and easily reach a wide audience through Pinterest. Pinterest also offers targeted search capabilities that help users find relevant content faster than other platforms, making it easier to engage potential customers. Additionally, the platform’s visual format makes it easy to create eye-catching visuals that stand out from competitors’ posts and increase engagement rates. Finally, with its analytics tools, businesses can track performance metrics such as impressions and clicks in order to optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.

How did Pinterest change the marketing industry?

Pinterest has had a major impact on the marketing landscape, allowing entrepreneurs to promote their offerings in an engaging manner through captivating content. By creating visually appealing boards, businesses can attract potential customers and build brand awareness. Additionally, Pinterest’s targeted search capabilities make it easier than ever to reach the right audience with relevant content. With its ability to connect people from all over the world, Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for digital marketers looking to expand their reach and grow their business.

What should I know about Pinterest marketing?

It allows users to curate content and promote products in a visually appealing way. With Pinterest, businesses can create boards with relevant topics related to their brand, share blog posts and other content, advertise special offers or promotions, engage with customers through comments and pins, analyze performance metrics such as impressions and clicks on promoted pins, track website visits from Pinterest referrals, optimize pin descriptions for SEO purposes, use keywords strategically when creating boards/pins/content titles that are likely to be searched by potential customers. By leveraging the platform’s insights, businesses can fine-tune their content to better align with their target audience.

How does Pinterest most benefit social media marketing?

It provides an efficient way to reach and engage with potential customers, as it has over 445 million monthly active users worldwide. Pinterest allows businesses to create visually appealing content that can be shared across multiple platforms, driving more website traffic and leads. Pinterest’s search engine optimization capabilities make it easier to be found by the correct people at a suitable moment. Finally, Pinterest’s analytics offer valuable insight into what kind of material is most appealing to your dream audience, so you can adjust your approach accordingly.


When planning to use Pinterest for marketing, it’s important to have a clear goal and strategy in place. Take the time to optimize your profile and pins, track performance with analytics, and understand Pinterest users. With careful planning and attention to detail when using Pinterest in marketing efforts, you’ll be able to maximize your results.


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