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Marketing Strategy For Small Business: What to Pin on Pinterest in April

March 26, 2024

When you’re just starting or you’ve decided to add another marketing platform to your marketing strategy for your small business, it can feel suuuuper overwhelming. 

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

When I was first trying to figure out how to use Pinterest to market my business instead of just a place to meal plan for the week, it took me a while to understand how the platform could work and benefit me. 

Finally, I cracked the code, and since then I’ve been sharing with business owners everywhere about the power of Pinterest and why every small business marketing strategy should include the platform.

In this blog post, I’m sharing:

  • How Pinterest can benefit your business
  • Pinterest’s place in your marketing strategy for small business
  • What kind of content you should be pinning on Pinterest/creating for your business in April

So if you’re struggling with creating Pinterest content that converts, you are in the right place! 

Knowing how Pinterest can help you in your business, where it fits in your marketing strategy, and what kind of content to pin in April will help you use Pinterest to its full potential.

But before we dive in–if you’re new here let me introduce myself. My name is Sidnee, and I’m a Pinterest Marketing strategist and educator who helps female entrepreneurs show up online when in reality they are enjoying life offline. 

With three kiddos three and under, I know that as business owners we want so badly to bring in some form of passivity to their business–whether that be passive email opt-ins, leads, or even sales, and I truly believe that a Pinterest funnel is the way to do that. 

Okay, back to the good stuff.

Your Marketing Strategy For Small Business: April Edition

How Does Pinterest Work For Business?

If you didn’t already know, Pinterest is an incredible tool for meal planning, finding your next DIY project, or getting inspiration for basically anything and everything. 

But have you ever thought about how those pins got there?

Those pins either came from the creator of that content OR it was pinned by someone who wanted to save that idea for later. 

Question for you: how many times have you searched for something on Pinterest, clicked out to a website, binged some of their blog posts or videos on their site, and then entered your email to get some sort of freebie?

If you’ve used Pinterest at all–then you’ve probably ended up down some sort of rabbit hole on someone’s website or social media profile. 

So why can’t that be how Pinterest works for you and your business?

Just because you use Pinterest for meal planning, someone else uses it for wedding planning, and someone else uses it for inspiration to find the perfect gift for someone they love. 

There are so many ways that people are using the platform, and I am 99.9% sure that someone has gone to the Pinterest platform searching for what you have to offer. 

And that’s how Pinterest works for YOUR business. 

After someone searches for something that you have the answer for on Pinterest, they click out to your website/content and the rest is history (jk, hopefully, the rest of it is having your online spaces work for you to get conversions, but that’s another topic for another day). 

To sum this up–people are searching for what you have to offer, and if you aren’t marketing on Pinterest then you are reaaaally missing out on potential leads and customers for your business. 

Need help with Pinterest? My 25-day quick-start guide Pinterest Made Simple will help you set up and optimize your Pinterest account for your business, as well as show you exactly how to use the platform in just an hour or less every single week to start driving traffic to your online spaces. 

Pinterest’s Place In Your Marketing Funnel

Now let’s talk about how Pinterest can fit into your marketing funnel. 

Pinterest is a perfect top-of-funnel platform–aka awareness platform. 

Here’s the cool thing about Pinterest..once someone clicks on one of your Pins, more of them are shown in their feed, which is perfect for the awareness factor. 

Also because Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform, the proper use of keywords allows your content to be found by your dream client or customer for months or even years after you originally pinned it. 

Want to go deeper into what a funnel with Pinterest can look like? Here’s the exact funnel & checklist that I use for myself and to audit my Pinterest clients to make sure that those outbound clicks from Pinterest become leads and hopefully convert to inquiries or sales! 

What To Pin On Pinterest In April

The thing about Pinterest and blog post content is that you always want to be about 2-3 months ahead of the trends. 

I know that seems confusing and yes, we don’t 100% know what is going to trend. 

But…there are key things that trend year after year that we can utilize to create content for our businesses that fit into what people will be searching for in 1-3 months. 

So that means in April we should create long-form content to pin or previous content that includes:

  • Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Mother’s Day Crafts
  • Memorial Day BBQ
  • Summer Fashion
  • Father’s Day Gift Ideas
  • All Things Graduation (Outfits, photos, gift guides, caps, etc.)

How can you use this as a business owner? Well, create a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Gift Guide! I truly believe that every business owner should create gift guides, and you can either use your products if you’re a product-based business or do a round-up of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For [Your Ideal Client]. 

Let’s say you’re a homeschooling mama and you sell digital products and courses for moms to make their lives easier, you can create a gift guide for homeschool mamas. You can use this as a chance to show off brands you love, and if you can use affiliate links you can also make extra commission. 

While yes, you are a business owner, you are also a human, and sharing something like a gift guide with things that YOU love in them shows a bit about you and who you are.

It’s truly a win-win because people love to buy from people that they know a little bit about. 

To Wrap This Blog Post Up All About Marketing Strategy For Business Owners & What To Pin On Pinterest In April…

Once I started implementing this concept of pinning content 1-3 months ahead of when it trends, within 3 months my business skyrocketed. I was getting tons and tons of website traffic, and my website/marketing funnel wasn’t ready for it. 

So before you go all in, make sure that you are ready to use Pinterest at the top of your marketing funnel–and have a fully optimized website, lead magnets that are no-brainers for your dream clients/customers, blog posts that are created to help you grow your business, and have email sequences to nurture AND sell your offers. 

If you don’t have that in place–don’t worry. Marketing Made Simple is here to help you set up your full Pinterest Funnel. It includes everything you need to know about Pinterest, creating blog posts and having a website that converts, how to create a killer lead magnet, and creating a welcome sequence that not only nurtures and lets your subscribers get to know you, but also CONVERTS them into your raving fans and customers. 

Sound good? Doors open for the program soon, get on the waitlist for exclusive bonuses (aka 1:1 access to me) here!

Still not sure if Pinterest can even work for your business? No worries, take my free (and fun) quiz here and I’ll give you my honest opinion!!

This post was about Pinterest SEO: 3 Tips To Optimize Your Pins On Pinterest

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