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Pinterest SEO: 3 Tips On How To Optimize Your Pins On Pinterest 

March 15, 2024

When it comes to marketing your small business, the term Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization) might sound like a whole different language to you. 

I get it, I’ve been there! When I first started marketing on Pinterest, I had no idea that it had its own SEO (honestly I didn’t know much about SEO to begin with), and that each pin needs to be optimized in order to be successful (aka bring in those conversions). 

Why? Because while most people think of Pinterest as another social media platform, it’s actually more of a visual search engine!

In this blog post, I’m going to give you three tips on how to optimize your Pins on Pinterest (one of the best Pinterest SEO hacks). Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • How To Optimize Pin Titles For Pinterest
  • How To Optimize Pin Descriptions For Pinterest
  • How To Optimize & Create Pin Graphics For Pinterest

So if you’re struggling with creating Pinterest content that converts, you are in the right place! Learning the basics of Pinterest SEO is so beneficial for your Pinterest Success!

Pinterest SEO: 3 Tips On How To Optimize Your Pins On Pinterest 2024

But before we dive in–if you’re new here let me introduce myself. My name is Sidnee, and I’m a Pinterest Marketing strategist and educator who helps female entrepreneurs show up online when in reality they are enjoying life offline. 

With three kiddos three and under, I know that as business owners we want so badly to bring in some form of passivity to their business–whether that be passive email opt-ins, leads, or even sales, and I truly believe that a Pinterest funnel is the way to do that. 

Okay, back to the good stuff.

3 Tips On How To Optimize Your Pins On Pinterest For Pinterest SEO: 

How To Optimize Your Pinterest Pin Titles

When it comes to optimizing Pinterest Pin titles, there’s two things I want you to remember:

One: KEYWORDS (yes it needs to be all caps because it’s THAT important)

And two: Make it make sense. 

Let’s talk about keywords first. 

Keywords on Pinterest are truly the heart of Pinterest SEO, because keywords are the words or phrases that people type into Pinterest to find what they are looking for. 

Let’s use this blog post as an example. 

After doing some keyword research, I’ve decided that the keywords I want to use are “Pinterest SEO” and “Pinterest Tips For Beginners”. 

Now you always want AT LEAST one keyword in your pin title, but I am going to aim for two to make sure that my pin is 2x more searchable. So here is how I would use those keywords as a Pin Title with 100 characters (the amount of space allowed) or less:

Pinterest Tips For Beginners: Best Pinterest SEO Tips For Pins That Convert

Which leads me to point number two–make it make sense. 

See how this reads in a way that makes sense? That’s what we want. We don’t want to be keyword stuffing–or only putting keywords. Pinterest is smart, they will catch onto that, and you may get flagged as spam which we definitely don’t want if you want to utilize Pinterest as your top of funnel while you’re sipping your drink by the pool. 

So to wrap it up–use at least one keyword in your Pin Title and make it make sense. 

Need help with keyword research or don’t know what in the world I am talking about? Click here to grab my FREE keyword research mini guide where you can learn everything you need to know about keyword research. 

How To Optimize Your Pinterest Pin Descriptions

So you have an optimized title, now you need an optimized Pin description. Here’s some things to know about your Pin descriptions:

  • You have 500 characters, aim for at least 250 characters
  • You CAN (as of late 2023) use hashtags in your descriptions. 

And then the other things you need to know are literally the SAME as the Pin titles: keywords and make it make sense. 

So building off of our Pin for this blog post, let’s write a description. 

Because I added two keywords in my title, I am going to aim for 3-4 in my Pin description. 

After my keyword research (for real go download my free resource if you haven’t yet if you need help with this), I’ve decided that I’m going to use these three NEW keywords in my description:

  • How to create a pin on Pinterest
  • Pinterest marketing strategy
  • How to use Pinterest for business
  • Pinterest Tips

PLUS my other two keywords I’ve used already ( Pinterest SEO & Pinterest Tips For Beginners). 

Now, I remember my next non-negotiable, make it make sense. So here’s what I came up with in 500 characters or less:

If you’re wondering how to use Pinterest for business, one of the best places to start is how to create a Pin on Pinterest! In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing how to do just that and utilize Pinterest SEO to make sure that your pins actually convert. Head to to read the full post, and be sure to follow along for more pinterest tips for beginners. #pinterestmarketingstrategy #pinteresttips

Now I know what you’re thinking–it’s probably easier to stuff some keywords in there and call it good. 

But just like I said above, Pinterest will flag you for this. 

In my 25 day quick start guide: Pinterest Made Simple, there’s an entire section of plug and play (mad libs with keywords essentially!) that will help you write keyword optimized descriptions in minutes, and honestly it’s kind of fun! 

How To Optimize Your Pin Graphics/Creatives

So you have your Pin Title & Description super optimized to make your content super searchable, but now you need to create your graphic to make sure you can stop the scroll. 

When it comes to Pin Graphic optimization, there are three things every single Pin needs. 

  1. Your own personal touch–whether that be consistent branding colors + fonts and it should always have a logo, your website url, or your name
  2. Text overlay in a readable font (stay away from hard to read script) with at least 1 keyword
  3. A CTA (call to action)- Download Now, read more, shop now, etc.

So here’s the Pin that I’ve created to market this blog post:

As you can see, it has ALL of these things. My branding, font, logo, URL, a readable font with a keyword, and a CTA. 

Feel free to Pin this for future reference! 

This Pin has all of the information needed for someone to decide if they want to stop the scroll and click out to check out this blog post. 

If you struggle with creating Pins, check out my FREE Canva Pin Templates

To wrap this blog post up all about Pinterest SEO & How To Optimize Your Pins On Pinterest…

Once I started creating optimized Pins on Pinterest, within 3 months my business skyrocketed. I was getting tons and tons of website traffic, and my website/marketing funnel wasn’t ready for it. 

So before you go all in on Pinterest, make sure that you are ready to use Pinterest as the top of your marketing funnel–and have a fully optimized website, lead magnets that are no-brainers for your dream clients/customers, have blog posts that are created to help you grow your business, and have email sequences to nurture AND sell your offers. 

If you don’t have that in place–don’t worry. Marketing Made Simple is here to help you set up your full Pinterest Funnel. It includes everything you need to know about Pinterest, creating blog posts and having a website that converts, how to create a killer lead magnet, and creating a welcome sequence that not only nurtures and lets your subscribers get to know you, but also CONVERTS them into your raving fans and customers. 

Sound good? Doors open for the program soon, get on the waitlist for exclusive bonuses (aka 1:1 access to me) here!

Still not sure if Pinterest can even work for your business? No worries, take my free (and fun) quiz here and I’ll give you my honest opinion!!

This post was about Pinterest SEO: 3 Tips To Optimize Your Pins On Pinterest

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