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Answering Two Of Your Most Frequently Asked Pinterest Questions: The Experiment

November 30, 2023

“Hey Sid, is it possible to actually grow my business without relying solely on social media?”

“How long does it take to get results on Pinterest?”

It’s Monday morning. I’m currently sipping my favorite morning protein shake with an espresso shot added in (tastes like a coffee cake situation and I’m so here for it)  and I open up my DMs to find some variation of these two messages — no joke — almost every day.

Finally, I’ve decided enough is enough. Instead of giving my typical answers (which, by the way, are: Yes, you definitely can, and on average, it takes 3-6 months to see results), I’m going to conduct an experiment myself to provide you with current and real answers.

And this is your official invite to come along with me.

The Experiment:

Starting this month (December 2023), I’m going to take you behind the scenes of starting a NWM + digital product business from scratch, focusing on growth through Pinterest, email marketing, and blogging. I’m also kicking off a brand new Pinterest account for The Pinner’s Circle, starting from zero. I’ll bring you along to show how long it actually takes to build an account from the ground up.

The main goal of this experiment is to show you the potential of Pinterest combined with organic marketing strategies. In addition to this, I have a few other goals (as any business would) that I’ll outline here:

Blog/NWM/Digital Products:

Before diving into the goals, it’s important to note that I’m already attracting 1,000 to 5,000 website visitors per month from Pinterest with my other Pins, generating some ad revenue. However, I’m starting from scratch with Arbonne (I use and love their products and will focus more on using them as affiliate links rather than building a full NWM business–did you notice my sneaky link in my intro?!), and digital products. I also haven’t been good at collecting emails on the blog, so that’s another area where I’m starting from zero.

Here are the goals and metrics I’ll be focusing on:

  • Pinterest Outbound Clicks: I’ll use well-researched keywords and create eye-catching Pins to drive outbound clicks.
  • Blog Posts: Creating content that integrates Arbonne and other affiliate links, digital product links, and encourages email sign-ups.
  • Email List Growth: Aiming for email opt-ins for my weekly motherhood/lifestyle newsletter.
  • SEO: Ensuring my blog posts and website are SEO-friendly and incorporate relevant keywords.
  • Making Money: Through affiliate marketing, digital products, and ad revenue.
  • Daily Pinning: 1-3 Pins per day.

Sidne note: The blog is currently being worked on, so don’t judge too hard with the site not perfect yet! But if I don’t do it messy, then I probably wouldn’t do it at all!

The Pinner’s Circle:

This account is starting from zero, and I’m using Pinterest for Mommies as a model. While these businesses are quite different, their goals are similar.

Goals for my Pinterest Marketing Business:

  • Pinterest Outbound Clicks: Focusing on keyword research and creating compelling Pins to drive traffic to my website.
  • Blog Posts: Crafting blog posts that resonate with my business and attract ideal clients.
  • Email List Growth: Using Pinterest to expand my email list and creating opt-ins that appeal to my target clients.
  • SEO: Enhancing my searchability.
  • Generating More Leads and Inquiries and making digital product sales.
  • Daily Pinning: 1-3 Pins per day.

The Logistics:

Now, let’s talk logistics. I’m committing to this experiment for an entire year.

Yes, a whole year.

Why? Because I understand that achieving success this way requires patience and consistency. Pinterest is a slow burner; if I don’t give it a year, I’m not giving it a fair chance.

Is there a possibility of seeing results before the year ends? Absolutely! But I want to ensure that I’m allowing enough time to observe those results.

Throughout the year, I anticipate fluctuations in my Pinterest account activity. There will be periods of growth, but also times when I might struggle with ads or face a dip in search interest for my content. I want to be transparent about this because it’s a common experience.

I’ll be sharing my Pinterest stats daily (or almost daily, as I love taking weekends off) on my Instagram stories for both accounts. Additionally, I’ll provide a monthly in-depth blog post detailing specific metrics like email list growth, sales, etc., so you can see the full picture.

I’m thrilled to embark on this journey and take you along with me.

Want to stay updated and see if you can grow a business with Pinterest?

Curious about the journey?

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